alligator skin
bomber girl film
FINALLY, a Solution for Individualized Graphics and Hydrographic Images.
For years now ICI has turned away work that required custom, personalized or one off patterns because there just was not a cost effective way of delivering something like this. Today ICI is proud to release to the public that we have been the leading processor in the development of Custom Digital Films. We are the only company in the country today who has the experience and a history of how to use, develop and process custom images and products. From a one off custom standpoint the sky is the limit and you are only limited by your imagination.


· Personalized, it’s your art and your image
· Promotion and branding
· Quick turn around on new patterns Ideas
· Tribute products
· Add branding and product identification

· Promote and add instant value through visual value

· Pre-production sampling and prototyping
 – see what you want before spending money to buy large production films-
· Have something that nobody has had before
– Make it your own!-
Call us today and let’s see where your imagination takes you!  Today prices start at $175
Christ tattoo
Solution for Individualized hydrographic Graphics
Jesus water transfer printing
Sun face