Identity Custom Imaging specializes in Hydrographic Printing, an innovative graphics application technology used for decorating hardsurface materials such as glass, wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramics, and plastics.  This water displacement technology also allows for a 2-D design to be applied to 3-D objects, such as helmets, rifles, and car or motorcycle parts.


HYDROGRAPHIC PRINTING is a 5-step process:

  1. Rough up and clean the surface of your item.
  2. The surface is then painted with a primer.
  3. A base coat of paint is applied; this will show through the clear parts of the designs.
  4. The design is applied.
    • To apply the design, we start with a vat of water kept at a specific temperature.
    • The special patterned film is laid across the top of the water.
    • An Activator is sprayed onto the film, which dissolves the film that the ink was on.
    • Your item is dipped into the floating ink, and the design is now applied.
    • Your item is rinsed to ensure that the dissolved parts and activator are removed.
  5. An automotive-quality clear coat is applied to your item to ensure durability.  Choose from a gloss or matte finish.

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